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I was impressed that the PERSIST clinical study reflects the quality of patient’s life

Interview with Dr. Krista Arcimovica, Oncoplastic breast surgeon at the Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Latvian Oncology Centre, Breast unit

Dr. Arcimovica , what motivated you to join the PERSIST clinical study? 

Having been worked in the care of oncology patients for a long time, I was impressed that the PERSIST clinical study is based on data that reflects the quality of patient’s life. This means that we are not only thinking about the treatment of tumor, but also looking for the factors that affect the quality of life of each individual patient.

Did the study change your relations with the participating patients? How? 

In the course of the research, the participants who have changed measurements, have the opportunity to reach the medical staff easier and faster, more effectively receiving answers to their topical questions. The obtained information about the various parameters of their physical activity – monitoring the number of steps, quality of sleep, as well as various emotional factors – sets the basis to pay more attention to their state of health for patients themselves as well.

What are your expectations from this clinical study? What are the potential benefits it can bring for your work?  

I consider the inventory of data from the PERSIST project and the digitization of medical data in medical care essentially great for the future. As specialists, we are well aware of different patient’s biological and tumor parameters that can affect overall survival rates, and based on those parameters, we can predict which oncology patients are at higher risk of tumor recurrence. But there are also other factors – such as emotional – that need to be further researched, and this project offers a comprehensive assessment of various emotional parameters as well providing an insight into yet unknown risk factors.

How can the results of this clinical study change clinicians’ professional practice? 

The tools offered by the project would allow professionals to see the patient’s individual complaints in combination with the monitored long-term physical health indicators. The obtained and stored data of sleep, blood pressure, physical activity and other indicators would allow the specialists to assess what to pay more attention to and provide a more objective insight into the individual patient’s state of health. The obtained data would also allow to conclude which patients need to be re-offered psychological support in a targeted manner.

Do you have any recommendations to this or other similar clinical studies?

Use of high-quality, convenient and practical equipment is essential for the involvement of patients.

Do you have any recommendations to this or other similar clinical studies?

PERSIST is a unique and innovative study that, in my opinion, is fully in line with the desired direction of the development of the field of oncology. The insight into patient’s quality of life, emotional gamut and physical activity is a very valuable resource to better assess the course of the disease.

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