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With its nineteen-member institutions, the university is turning into a central development institution attracting talented students from all over the world and providing a development context where excellence is at home at all levels. University of Maribor is the second largest university in Slovenia. The University of Maribor is developing new fields, testing new teaching and learning methods and constantly searching for new methods of cooperation with its environment. Various international awards prove that the university is on the right track.
The group involved with the project consist of a cross-disciplinary research team covering both technichal (UM FERI) and psycho-sociological (UM FF) aspects of technology and conversational intelligence and its imapct on quality of life of cancer surviors. The team of researchers performs research in signal processing, natural language and processing, spoken and natural language understanding and generation, complex artificial and natural dynamic systems, machine learning, human machine interaction, psychological and social signals and in human behavior.

Role in the PERSIST project

University of Maribor lead the workpackage on sensing network, i.e. the techonlogy on the edge and directly enaging with the cancer surviors. Doctor Izidor Mlakar leads the scientific dissemination activities.

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