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Symptoma is an Austrian SME and offers a digital health assistant.

Its vision: every patient deserves the right diagnosis and treatment.

Patients and doctors enter symptoms, answer questions, and receive a list of matching causes – sorted by probability. It helps to uncover even ultra-rare diseases.

Symptoma is based on 14 years of scientific research by medical doctors and data scientists; and has demonstrated the highest diagnostic accuracy in its industry. This has been validated in internal, external, and peer-reviewed studies comparing up to 107 solutions worldwide, where Symptoma clearly ranked as #1.

Symptoma is available for doctors, hospitals, medtech/pharma/insurance companies, governments and patients in 36 languages.

Symptoma collaborates with leading universities and research facilities on national and international level on Diagnostic Decision Support based on the better understanding of biomarkers and clinical signs. Besides, its innovative COVID-19 solution helps to fight the current pandemic. In this context Symptoma works closely together with the European Commission and the Austrian government.

Symptoma’s team of 70 comes from 11 different nations. Its members speak fluent English, as well as 10 other languages. They are ideally suited to identify and engage with new collaborators in and outside of Europe.

Role in the PERSIST project

EHR data comes from heterogeneous sources in different formats and languages. The correct diagnoses may not have been made yet, and even standardized classifications such as ICD9/10 are missing required granularity. Interpretation of clinical data is challenging due to ambiguities, inconsistencies, and varying accuracies.

Building upon its proprietary technology Symptoma will develop an AI algorithm serving as “standardized second-opinion” to harmonize the EHRs.

Symptoma will also provide its chatbot technology asking for questions in an unsupervised manner to gain Real World Data.

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