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Dedalus is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The shareholding structure ensures stability and great financial capacity through the presence of Ardian, the largest private investment company in Europe and the fourth in the world.

With its innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions, Dedalus enables a revolutionary digital transformation of country-wide Healthcare Systems fully supporting the patient digital journey. Thanks to our portfolio of leading next-generation solutions, Dedalus covers the entire spectrum of healthcare professionals’ needs, and today we support over 6,100 hospitals and 5,300 laboratories worldwide. Today, Dedalus employs more than 5,500 highly skilled qualified people; it has the largest software R&D team in the industry in Europe with more than 2,000 professionals.

At Dedalus, we understand the importance of collaboration in the new models of care delivery. These new models are founded on delivering continuity of care throughout a citizen’s life, integrating care around the patient through the whole healthcare ecosystem and supporting patient engagement in their care. Health systems require capabilities to support remote care, with dynamic clinical best practices and real-time knowledge sharing at the point of care.

Dedalus’ vision is for a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem where all stakeholders actively collaborate across  the continuum of care to improve health outcomes for all. Dedalus aims to be the preferred partner of all these actors to support them in their digital transformation journey. With our innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions, we enable the revolutionary digital transformation of healthcare systems nationwide, focused on patient needs, enabling the digital journey across the continuum of care for patients and healthcare providers.

Role in the PERSIST project

Dedalus is the technical and exploitation manager of the project. They will coordinate WP3 regarding the big data platform and will collaborate with the technical partner to support them to build the services and AI on top of the platform. To provide, improve and adapt Open Health Connect (OHC) Platform as the central core of the solution with advanced functionalities to ensure a proper data management, interoperability, security and reusability. They will fulfill R&D activities related to data management and AI capabilities of the platform.

Dedalus will provide specific open APIs for third party services developed in WP4 and WP5 and will support partners on their developments and integration to make sure a proper exploitation of the big data capabilities.

In addition, Dedalus will coordinate and support the whole consortium in the sustainability and business plan of the project results.

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