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Emoda Software is a research and development company which is located in IYTE University Technopark. EMODA Software, which has developed a number of software projects, has adopted the principle of providing better service to you with its ever increasing customer portfolio and experience and making this service with the latest technologies.

EMODA practices data mining, neural networks, deep learning, image processing and computer vision as the applications of artificial intelligence. We help analyze your working dynamics, improve your performance, and offer opportunities for future planning and business development. We design desired performance and quality software according to ideas, offer you the solution you want and we do not know any boundaries.

EMODA have expertise in Internet of Things (IoT); Artificial Intelligience (AI); Cloud Computing (CC); Big Data; Conversational Agents (Chatbot); eHealth and Game Technologies. EMODA provide services in Software Development; Mobile Application Development; Data Analytics and Visualization;Web Application Development and IT Consulting.

Role in the PERSIST project

EMODA is the leader of the Decision Support System workpackage (WP5). The aim of WP5 is to provide patient-specific and actionable recommendations to health care providers aiming the timely identification of symptoms and/or risks associated with the development of new medical conditions or impairments in the QoL of the patient.

EMODA take active part at WP5-T5.1- CDSS Specification, EHR Data Extraction, WP5-T5.4-CDSS Inference Engine and  WP5-T5.5-Integration and Evalution of CDSS at WP5. Also, EMODA will develop the mobile application platform for data collection from different sensors and main communication channel for cancer survivors (WP4-T4.1- PERSIST mHealth Application). EMODA will take part at WP2 for determining the specifications of the PERSIST framework. Awareness and dissemination activities are the other responsibilities of EMODA.

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