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CyberEthics Lab (CEL) is a start-up Italian SME leveraging on the experience and knowledge of its multidisciplinary core members, teaching at the University and working in numerous R&D activities in the context of inter-disciplinary EC Research projects. CEL’s main focus is a holistic vision of innovation, generated by efficiency, scientific curiosity and respect for human beings, where ideas, techniques, tools and methods from different disciplines are integrated to make innovative, secure and responsible technology.

CEL offering is mainly based on promoting innovation as well as creating ethical awareness and promoting ethical behaviour to build confidence and trust, as well as the promotion of the inclusion of legal and ethical concerns in the design and implementation of technologies, the identification of risks on individual fundamental rights and the issuing of recommendations in order to make technologies compliant with ethical principles and the current legal framework.

CEL members have also a long experience on technology implementation, with particular interest on disruptive technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts. Specific value-laden ethical approaches used: care ethics, ethics by design, STS, RRI.

Role in the PERSIST project

In PERSIST, CEL will bring together IT, Philosophy and Ethics to embed ethical principles into the technology, to align it with responsible innovation, advising partners and patients on how to avoid ethics risks on the development and adoption of their innovation. Law CEL’s holistic approach to ethics, privacy, data protection supports PERSIST partners with a complete offering to implement the compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and by assessing the impact of technology and helping organizations to confront legal and ethical on data processing.

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