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The biggest victory in modern life

А story of a 49-year old man from Maribor brings hope and optimism

My story has begun in May 2013. On the way to the doctor, who misdiagnosed me twice, it started to rain heavily. Since I was on a bicycle, I pulled out a small umbrella from my bag, which it was barely covering my head. I was soak wet and very angry waiting in the line in front of the doctor’s office. Fortunately, my doctor was not there, and his substitute immediately explained to me what could be happening at the junction of my shoulder and neck.  You should sit down, he said. Definitely it is cancer or leukemia. At that moment, my whole world was crashing down. On the way home, it was heavily raining but I didn’t care about the rain and everything else that was happening around me. I didn’t even open the umbrella. What followed after, were two days of agony with only one question going through my head: Why me?. On the third day, everything changed. I firmly decided that I will be positive about my illness. I quit smoking and started Breuss fasting. I was really focused on my health. My one and only affirmation was: I am the healthiest person in the world. I attacked the disease from every possible direction. I was still working during all my examinations. The fasting made me feel better than ever and the lump on my neck was starting slowly decreasing. On the 42nd day of fasting, I had a consultation with the oncologists. They said that I will need to start a chemotherapy. The lump was malignant lymphoma, or the lymph nodes cancer. At that moment I almost refused therapy, but I changed my mind and a new battle began. I didnt’t even think of giving up and continued with the same mindset as before. I kept repeating to myself: Just be brave. The most unpleasant thing for me was to see my mother, who stayed with me during chemotherapy period, crying. I actually motivated her through that difficult time. And not only that. I was also motivating other patients who shared a room with me in the hospital. I didn’t allow friends and family to visit me, except couple of exceptions, who really believed in me and did not panic about the illness.

I was convinced of the final victory even through hard moments, when the blood count was very bad, during neutroponia and during all the strong side effects of the chemotherapy.

I kept imagining, that my mother and me are walking through the main entrance of the Oncology clinic with the clenched fists in the air and the smile on our face.

And that’s exactly what happened. And now if someone asks me what is the biggest victory in modern life?

What do you think?

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